Improving Education, Increasing Personal Growth


Improving Education, Increasing Personal Growth

Our offer

Living Motion facilitates people tapping into their full potential in order to reach their objectives.

We help people in creating ownership of the situation by analyzing it, using the expertise, perspectives and skills of themselves and other people involved, and, especially, leaving aside the idea that there is such a thing as 'the only best option'.

Both personal and situational leadership are essential for putting yourself in the driver seat. Just as being aware of your own behavior, convictions and skills, and being able to challenge and change them if they are not effectively helping you in reaching what you want.

For improving education and increasing personal growth, in private, organizational, or highly competitive settings such as professional sports, we offer both on-site as well as on-line education, and, we offer customized programs for individuals and groups in any setting, any sector, worldwide. We also offer general or customized Serious Games and apply them where appropriate.

Coaching And Training

Do you want to play and active role in the following: Your company has a specific need for a leadership program. Your organization wants to redesign or develop its educational settings. Your production company wants to change its culture and start working according to the lean principles.

Or, do you want to be a better team leader? Do you look for new ways to improve your performance as an athlete? Do you aim for CEO but you feel not fully equipped for such a position yet?

We design a special program that is completely customized to your specific needs and objectives in your situation. Our approach includes, among others, personal coaching, group coaching, designing complete training packages, and, serious gaming.

Ask us for our track record. Discover everything we can do to help you make it happen!

Serious Gaming

Serious Games are very popular to, for instance, safely experiment in a difficult context, get to know your team dynamics, or, to understand the results of a complex project without your CEO, management board or your client having to read the report.

Serious Games make you experience situations, make you feel the impact of your decisions and make you realize how complex situations work. They provide a safe but serious 'playground' in which people can learn by doing and experimenting.

Ask us for our Serious Games in our portfolio and what we can develop for your situation!

On-line Courses

Offering you affordable on-line courses on (personal) leadership, decision making, project management, team work and education.

Offering on-line support for customized organizational development programs or customized personal programs.

On-line courses can always be expanded with individual feedback. They can also be part of an overall planned personal development plan with one of our private teachers.